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Jesma Weighing Solutions

Jesma is a visionary Danish company working with the development, production and sale of scales and weighing solutions for dynamic and continuous weighing.

Based on 100 years of experience, and by ensuring optimum life time of all components, Jesma have successfully optimized dynamic weighing systems to maximize process efficiencies.

Weighing- and dosing techniques is our expertise and our products are designed and constructed to obtain market leading reliability and user friendliness.
With the extensive experience Jesma is able to guide and advise our customers at an early stage in the projecting phase.

Product overview:
Produkt Guide JESMA

Weigh feeders:
weigh feeder gb
JesBelt Mini gb

Belt scales:
belt scale gb

Flow scales:

JesFlow gb
JesImpact gb
JesHopper Intake gb

Micro-Lab dosing systems:
micro dosing gb

Loss in weight scales:
Loss in weight gb

Presentation Jesma JesLIW series ST 37.2 en SS 304

Hopper scales:
Single hopper scale gb
JesHopper gb

Buffer scales:
JesBuffer gb

Check weighers:
Jescheck carousel gb
Jescheck metal gb


SEG Coriolus Weighers:

SEG coriolus overview

Weigh feeders Mining & Minerals


PMW  Special Cap Line Solutions




CapMatic screw

Thickness Gauge .eng



Digital Load Cells  EILERSEN A/S

ATEX certified zone 1,2,21,22, OIML C6 Mi10

Easy installation & calibration, up to 1000% overload

Shockproof , Stainless Steel, Integrated diagnostics

ProfiBus, Modbus, ProfiNet


A-Robust-Measurement-Principle Eilersen Patented

Digital_LCD_Weighing_Terminal_-_Type_5024G (1)



Flow Controllers FRIEDRICH  GmbH


Presentation Friedrich FLOW CONTROLLER FC3 –







Grounding Systems  ISOIL spa









MT30 grounding systems